Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Just want to remind you, and myself, that we'll have BRITISH ELECTION coverage tomorrow right here.

As for Canadian politics, the four leaders all decided to call a halt to their bickering and are going to VE Day anniversary celebrations after all. So in that spirit I plan to make this a Canadian Politics-free zone the next few days, until they come back. Then it'll be back to the usual posting about Ottawa. But I will mention the results of the nomination fights happening tomorrow night. That's the one thing I will mention.

Other than that, though, I owe it to myself to cool off the interest in Canuck politics for a few days since nothing significant is likely to happen re: the toppling of the government. Besides, there are other things I have planned for the next few days- like recovering from whatever bug has been slowing me down the last several days. I think I'm beating it, whatever it is, a cold or something.

Tonight is a big night for AMERICAN IDOL: Scott just got the boot. Meanwhile ABC News is doing a big hatchet job on Paula Abdul tonight, alleging the show is rigged. I don't care, I'd rather watch STACKED with Pam.

That's exactly what I need more of in my life, a few laughs.

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