Monday, May 02, 2005


Well, the Tories are going to be meeting behind closed doors in a caucus meeting tonight, and there's going to be some serious plotting going on- namely, what ought they do to defeat these filthy Liberals. If they go for an election now they need to pin the blame squarely on the Liberals somehow, but how!? Good question.

The other thing they've got to address is VE Day. The veterans are mad as heck that Paul Martin isn't going to the ceremony on its 60th anniversary, allegedly because the Tories are threatening to topple the government, but I think it's a case of Martin playing politics, and besides, if the Tories defeat the government with Martin over in Europe honoring the veterans it would look like political opportunism of the highest order and would be really stupid on the Conservatives' part. The Tories ought to figure out a way to allow people to go, broker a deal or something. Man, this is the Parliament that can't shoot straight.

One last item on Peter Kent: for those international viewers out there who are wondering. Yes, he is the brother of Arthur Kent, the famous NBC "Scud Stud" during the first Gulf War who reported on the war from Saudi Arabia. There, that should clear it up.

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