Thursday, May 19, 2005


This House of Commons is an insult to Third World countries, it seems. Canuckistan. Canaguay. El Canador. Doesn't matter what you call this pays, the government sucks.

And there's total nuttiness on Parliament Hill. Report is that Independent Liberal Carolyn Parrish has appendicitis and might not even make it. Then there was another report that she's fine. I'll tell you something, I once had appendicitis and all I will say is, it's a serious condition but you can still make it to votes with a condition like that. Just so long as she doesn't need to get wheeled into surgery right away.

And apparently real Liberal Jim Karygiannis is fine, they checked him out the other day and he didn't have a heart attack after all.

WHAT is this PARLIAMENT COMING TO? Even Warren Kinsella is sick over the Grewal affair, and says the Liberals in charge in Ottawa aren't real Liberals and says it's time for a change. Andrew Coyne is calling this possibly criminal activity and wondering where the media is- the CBC seemingly thinking sexist comments on Belinda are more important. Maybe the media should ask themselves why someone who just accepted a cabinet post in exchange for a vote switch has been put in charge of implementing the final Gomery report. This reeks of corruption.

My take on Belinda's defection: it's too bad that she left the party, but look on the bright side: at least we still have Rona Ambrose. I know I know, another sexist comment. We Tories are all pigs. Grab a sense of humor, Anne McLellan.

But really, where is the media on this issue of government corruption, and where is the opposition? Are the Tories just going to back down and wimp right out? They did say they were going to put this government out of its misery. Or does the NDP have something up their sleeve today? It is an opposition day. I fear that maybe this Parliament just doesn't have what it takes to stand up to corruption. They're just going to let this government do whatever it likes.

Well, all I will say is that the Parliament has a chance TODAY, to do SOMETHING about the CORRUPTION and the SHADY DEALS, and the CONTEMPT that this government has for the RULES and for the PEOPLE. Chuck Cadman, are you listening? And it isn't too late to change your mind either, Mr. Layton. VOTE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE, STAND UP TO THE CROOKS IN OTTAWA.


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