Friday, May 27, 2005


What's in the drinking water at all these TV stations these days? The BBC goes on strike, CBS News cans people, and now Toronto 1 is joining the slaughter. Everyone is getting sacked everywhere it seems.

Word is that the worst TV station in town is dumping its newscast Toronto Tonight and its entertainment show The Source, and they're laying people off including three talented people who deserve better: Ben Chin, Sarika Sehgal and Wei Chen.

Toronto 1 plans to go with lite-entertainment programming and fluff entertainment news shows like the A-List, from what I gather. So all those people covering the entertainers get off scott-free. The poor people who get the knife are the poor chumps doing the heavy lifting covering serious issues and other hard news, as usual. Life is not fair in Toronto.

As for the anchors, well, I expect to see them join some of the Toronto 1 refugees at Global TV pretty soon, that's where a lot of their people wound up- although I personally know one refugee who now works for the New VR in York Region. I don't know about Sarika Sehgal, though. She might just pack her bags for the USA after this and go for the big money.

I don't get it! Getting rid of your local newscast is a strange decision in my estimation. They may show lots of crime stories and other dreck, but they're your link to the community! I don't know how this station expects to get any ratings without a decent newscast. Everyone else in town, even the really hip stations, have a newscast pretty much out of necessity. Even OMNI has an English language newscast these days. And when you see these stations in the US that spend the 10PM or 11PM hour re-running Fresh Prince of Bel Air or something like that, it's usually a sign that the place is a cut-rate, lousy television station.

Not a good move, Toronto 1.

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Agent Orange said...

Sarika Sehgal still might. I've made maybe one mention of her on my blog, and have had over 50 searches on it. Some from New York. Let's face it, the girl's got it!