Thursday, May 19, 2005


The best thing about the budget vote is that it's the end of my ranting and raving about politics.
Now this blog can get back to discussing topics I normally like to write about, like The Apprentice 3.

Um, Kendra won. That's pretty much it.

Why the heck did Trump even bother to have a show? He could have hired Kendra in the first minute and saved everyone the agony. It was so obvious she was the person Trump had to hire.

At least it was an hour show and not three hours like that monstrosity last fall. But I was already into "who cares" mode and more interested in the basketball game on the other channel.

By the way, NBA talks broke off, too. The players took all their concessions off the table apparently. That league could join the NHL in lockout mode.

It's terrible to be a sports fan these days. So enjoy the NBA, while it lasts. Soon the NBA players will all be over in Europe, too.

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