Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Results are coming in right now. (WEST COAST SPOILER ALERT)

Check out this website that I find hilarious: which has been urging people to vote for crappy music on American Idol. I heard that there was some campaign going by a lot of people trying desperately to get lousy singers to win. I heard that these people were responsible for keeping around one no-talent guy (Scott!) who kept on sliding by every week earlier this season, even though he sucked. They're claiming credit for keeping all kinds of crappy singers alive on the show all year and getting the good contestants booted off. I think they're doing this because they hate this show and want it ruined. Frankly, I can't help but cheer these guys on, they are dead-on correct about this overhyped piece of nonsense. And these judges have the gall to call this the best season of American Idol ever, especially after the blunder where they had to repeat a show because the phone numbers all got mixed up. And ESPECIALLY after that hatchet job by ABC implying the whole show's fixed.

Anyway they said at that you should vote for Carrie, she was the worst. And I agree with them. She was mediocre all year. Bo completely outclassed her. Carrie's no Loretta Lynn, she stinks.

Guess what, Carrie just won. Must have been all those NASCAR fans in the red states responsible for this. America must be full of country music fans. I thus declare rock and roll to be DEAD. And as for the people at, they succeeded.

It's official: American Idol sucks.

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