Thursday, April 21, 2005


You know what, the Liberal minority government is closer to falling than I thought. The opposition had secured May 19th as an opposition day, but something passed the Public Accounts Committee giving notice of a non-confidence motion, and so that will be put to the house May 3rd, much earlier than expected.

Meanwhile it's increasingly looking as if this rare public appearance by Paul Martin on national television looks like little more than a glorified Liberal free-time political announcement in my opinion. Martin won't use the time to resign or call an election, or prorogue the Parliament. Instead it looks like he's going to use the time to try and buy some time for his government, and try and brainwash the public into thinking this is all the opposition's fault. If that's all that goes down tonight all I have to say is: what a fool.

The last time prime ministers used this TV time it was to bring in wage and price controls, or the War Measures Act. or in Jean Chretien's case, to try and save the country. All Martin's trying to do is save his government, it seems, and I even hear now that some of these networks may not even carry his address. It was scheduled for 7:45 PM but it's been moved to 7PM, presumably so it won't go up against a really big night of must-see TV on Global.

Are the opposition parties going to get equal time? That's what they do in the States.

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