Friday, April 29, 2005


You know, polls are a snapshot, which is why I find it hard to believe the latest CTV poll by the Strategic Counsel which now has the Liberals up 30-28. That's not the reaction I get listening to CFRB. On CFRB there's still complete anger.

And it's not the reaction Paul Martin's getting at Bono's concerts. He's getting booed. Still. Mention Martin's name and he gets booed. The Prime Minister is still in the doghouse, despite the supposed good poll numbers. Once Parliament resumes the Conservatives should focus on the corruption revelations again and that will make people mad all over again. People need to be reminded why they hate the Liberals.

I'll tell you what I think is true about these polls. I think the people hate the government and all its corruption, but are worried the opposition Conservatives will come in and privatize the country and shove social issues down their throats. And I get the sense that people feel that all politicians are the same and equally corrupt, and in the case of Jack Layton, also inept. And most of the people booing Martin at Bono's concert are NDP or Green Party supporters anyway. So that's my sense of things. And they feel an election is a waste of their time and in the end nothing will be accomplished anyway, so why bother.

That's what I think is being reflected in these numbers we're getting and frankly, you can't argue with it. This is the mood of the country right now. The people just don't care about the corruption. What a country. Keep in mind that last year people were all mad at the Liberals during the election campaign but they basically said they were "fed up with all politicians" so just because they were mad at the Liberals, it didn't mean a thing as far as the Conservatives were concerned.

So a sense of defeatism is setting in with Conservatives again. I read the comments over at Free Dominion and on Andrew Coyne's website, and all I gotta say is that the poll numbers are making a lot of Conservatives sick. Some of them are really freaking out. We're seeing a lot of comments from people threatening to move to Alberta or to the States.

What I think is that maybe it isn't life or death for the Conservatives to defeat the government on the budget right away. If they pull the plug now, well, great, but I think it's more important for the future of this country for this government to be thrown right out. I do think, though, the Conservatives do need to stand on their principles against the corruption and should not prop up the Liberals any longer. So they might as well vote against the budget. At least now the Tories won't be blamed for being political opportunists if the government falls, since these new polls are s%!t.

And if the government falls the Tories need to make it clear to people that the fate of this Parliament rested in the hands of the independents, not themselves. Because a lot of silly Canadians, who'd rather sit and do nothing at home, will want to blame someone for an election even though there's all this corruption going on. Canada, the only country in the whole wide world where people don't like to have elections. Let freedom ring.

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