Monday, April 18, 2005


You know, I just watched Supernanny on TV here and all I gotta say is that I can't believe some of the shows they allow on the air, because that show is crap. Garbage.

In fact, Monday is a big night for complete garbage on TV. You have shows like Fear Factor, the Bachelor and Las Vegas, all mindless junk. It seems like two-thirds of the stuff on TV these days is junk, mostly of the reality-show variety, and all I gotta say is that if I'm a writer in Hollywood right now I'd be pretty sad. Good TV writing jobs are being trashed in favor of this junk.

Now I hear that Britney Spears is going to get a reality show now, too. Arrgh.

It's pretty sad that a show like "Stacked" could look like a good show in comparison to Supernanny and Paris Hilton and the rest of this rubbish. I checked out Stacked and all I gotta say is Pam Anderson is still hot, and that show was a lot better than I expected. But most of the rest of the shows out there are terrible. So as a result a show with Pam in it looks good by comparison. It's being made by the same people who made Just Shoot Me, so it looks and sounds exactly like Just Shoot Me, except it's in a bookstore.

What's really disgusting is that there are still lots of shows out there besides hit shows like Desperate Housewives and Lost and the rest of them that at least try to be good, try and raise the bar. And sadly a lot of them end up getting kicked off the air or fighting for their survival. A show that is in that category, Arrested Development, is still in serious limbo and there are a few petitions going to try and save this show.

They had their season finale and people are worried it is the series finale. But I think folks at Fox are looking for some signal from the public to save this series.

I noticed that the TV ratings are out and they have CSI as the top show in Canada and CTV has 14 shows in the top 20 including American Idol, Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives. Global has Survivor, Joey, the Apprentice and the Simpsons. Corner Gas is there too, on the top 20- a big fat Canadian hit on CTV.

Notice there were no CBC shows in the top 20. Your taxpayer dollars sure aren't producing any hit CBC shows, eh? If Hockey Night in Canada were on the air CBC wouldn't be having these problems! Blame the NHL. At least you get stuff from the CBC that's better than the reality junk you get on other stations.

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