Thursday, April 28, 2005


It's official: Stephen Harper is going to instruct his MPs to "put this government out of its misery" at the earliest possible opportunity. Next week, perhaps. And Gilles Duceppe and his gang are gonna vote them down, too. That leaves the fate of the country in the hands of three independent MPs: Chuck Cadman, David Kilgour and Carolyn Parrish, and Parrish is on record as saying she'll prop the Liberals up.

Last night I tuned into the nightly news broadcast of the network I was once an intern at years ago, and I watched Bob Fife tell Lloyd on the air that there are stories that the Liberals might try and use the pursestrings to prop their government up. Namely, they might appoint some of these independents to the Senate or pay them off with appointments or something. Seems Chuck Cadman is waffling again on whether to bring the government down. There's even talk that the Libs might even buy off one of the Tories with an appointment or something.

As Andrew Coyne disgustedly asks in his blog, "is there anybody in this country who isn't on the take?" This is truly awful, truly sickening. These kind of rumors, even if they aren't true, are making the parliament of Canada look really bad. It's exactly the type of thing that has soured me on politics in this country. No wonder Harper's pulling the plug, and no wonder you have Quebecers wanting to separate from Canada and get away from all this nonsense. There was a new poll out which said 54% of Quebecers now want to separate. I don't know if that's accurate. But Quebecers are definitely the maddest of everyone over all this.

Frankly I think it would be nuts for Paul Martin to even consider doing something like this, appointing people to the Senate and paying even more people off. He should know this type of thing is bound to make this government look absolutely terrible. That Jack Layton deal itself isn't playing well with people. The headlines the other day were just killing the Liberals again, they were of the "Paul pays off Jack with 4.6 billion dollars" variety, as if it was another shady Liberal deal. Of course Toronto mayor David Miller is saying how great this deal is for Toronto, but what do you expect him to say, he's NDP!

But apparently Layton's mad, now, too, because now Paul Martin is saying the corporate tax cuts will be part of a separate vote. So Layton doesn't know what to make of this, and this doesn't satisfy Harper who's hopping mad anyway. So this story's not over, folks.

Anyway, we could have an election at any time. I know the deadline for nominations in Don Valley East is today, and they plan to pick a candidate in mid-May. But frankly I'm out of the loop as to what's going on there, I haven't talked to anyone yet. Bottom line is we're getting ready for an election- whenever. Personally, I hope it's soon, because I've had enough of this nonsense in Ottawa.

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