Friday, April 08, 2005


Check out the newspapers right across the country today. Every front page, in big large letters spelled out Adscam, corruption, millions in kickbacks to the Liberal Party of Canada. Not a good day to be a Liberal.

Just in Toronto, every bleeping paper in this town had this scandal on the front page in bold letters, even the Liberal-friendly ones. The government was getting killed.

I don't know why there are people out there saying that this isn't that big a deal. To me this is up there with Watergate. This was an attempt to influence an election and funnel taxpayer dollars to the Liberal Party. if there's corroboration to this testimony.

And again I want to say, Stephen Harper, why are you keeping this Parliament going? At least he's saying now that he'll listen to people and if there's an "outcry" he'll pull the plug. Well, good. Consider me part of the "outcry". And if the people of Canada don't want to punish the Liberals over this, don't want to hand the Liberals their lunch over this misuse of their money, then I will lose respect for the people of this country because they'll tolerate all kinds of crooked behavior and do nothing about it. Instead they'll go on and on trying to tell themselves "all politicians are the same" and that they're all crooks, which isn't true.

From what I hear though, people are angry and calling in the talk shows. But then again these could be the usual angry people who all vote Conservative anyway.

But still, the people of Canada need to punish people who do this stuff. And frankly this is one time when I think the Conservatives ought to say to heck with whether there's an outcry, we ought to stand on principle and bring the government down anyway, because what happened to the taxpayers' money just isn't right.

I also read somewhere that now Martin is now warning Harper about dire consequences if he pulls the plug. Harper ought to fire back that they'll determine whether or not to pull the plug without any help from Martin. Man, this guy Martin is so arrogant. When the heck did Martin say this anyway, isn't he supposed to be at a funeral?

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