Friday, April 01, 2005


And meanwhile, in other international news Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Happy April Fools Day. The pope was alive, then he was dead, then he was alive again. Early in the day they had a press conference where one of the Pope's aides described the pope as "lucid" and "serene" and that he participated in mass that morning. Then at about 1 PM EST the Italian media jumped the gun and announced he had died. That has been vehemently denied by the Vatican. 680 News even jumped the gun and announced they were sad to report the Pope had died, and then they had to recant.

Now it seems the Pope remains in very grave condition but he is still alive, and there are crowds of people outside the Pope's apartment at St. Peter's Square. The lights are still on in the Pope's apartment. I've been watching the coverage on CTV and CBC and they broke into regular programming for a while, but they eventually returned to regular programming once it became clear that nothing was happening, yet. I also tuned into a video stream from a station from Argentina on the Net and.they had Pope death watch coverage all day from the Vatican.

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