Tuesday, April 05, 2005


First Brokaw, then Rather, and then the other day, Ted Koppel. The grand old men of TV news have been leaving us to retirement or other projects. Peter Jennings had outlasted them all. But now, during a week of major international news with the Pope's funeral coming up, Jennings is facing a different challenge: he may be fighting for his life.

Peter Jennings has been diagosed with lung cancer. Read it at TVNewser. He plans to work through the disease and the chemo but he says this came as a shock. (TVNewser said that Jennings smoked heavily when he was a foreign correspondent but was supposed to have given up the habit.)

They plan to have Charles Gibson and Elizabeth Vargas anchor when Jennings is unable to anchor the broadcast. I'm hoping Jennings pulls through. But here's an ominous piece of trivia for you news buffs out there...

...when Jennings took over as the sole anchor for World News Tonight, the guy he replaced, Frank Reynolds, had died of cancer.
This can't happen to ABC News again, can it?
What a star-crossed news division!

(By the way, CBS' Bob Schieffer had cancer a couple of years ago, but he managed to beat it.)

UPDATE- Jennings will anchor World News Tonight tonight, be sure not to miss it.

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