Monday, April 11, 2005


Another day, another poll. CTV now is reporting the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals. 30% to 27%. That's two polls in a row with the Tories ahead in the 30s and the Liberals trailing in the mid-20s. No doubt Stephen Harper will be mulling this over. He doesn't want to look opportunistic but he does say he'll listen to the people. Well, the people are speaking. Loud and clear.

And Harper is Mister Accountability after all. He has no reason whatsoever to keep this Parliament going much longer, except to extend the Liberals' agony.

According to this CTV News report the Liberals are said to be "freaking out" and are worrying they could be reduced to as little as 60 seats. I don't know if they'd drop that low, but based on what I'm hearing the Liberals stand to be slaughtered in the West and Quebec, and would lose seats in Atlantic Canada and even Ontario. They're tied statistically in Ontario with the Tories and even with numbers like that they stand to lose twenty additional seats. This is really bad news for the Liberals, and the Gomery inquiry isn't even done yet.

And people haven't even gotten around to crossing the floor yet.

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