Monday, April 11, 2005


The entire country has started to wake up and realize how bad this alleged kickback situation is with the Liberal Party. A new poll today by EKOS Research has the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals in every region of the country, even in QUEBEC! It basically has the Conservatives up about 30% on the same numbers they had last year at this same time, and the Liberals down about 30. In some regions the Liberals are down more than half.

The poll also had the NDP up in BC but the Conservatives always get shortchanged by EKOS in British Columbia, and then the election results come in looking pretty good anyway for the Tories. What I think this does mean is that the NDP absolutely stands to gain at Liberal expense.

Chantal Hebert has a column in the Star, predicting the Liberal government will be dead and buried by Canada Day. Hebert mentions that the Gomery witness list will be pretty much exhausted by the end of May anyway and the Tories will have run out of excuses to prevent an election.

And the more I hear of what's going on the more I have to think that this government isn't going to survive. Already there are rumblings that David Kilgour might cross the floor to the Conservatives and there are additional rumblings that Pat O'Brien in London may join him. O'Brien even says a few more Liberals may join him. There are also rumblings out there that the Alberta Liberals are thinking of changing their name, and that even the Manitoba Liberals might change their name! This indicates nothing but bad news for the Liberals.

I keep reading comments from editorial writers and other people about how the Liberals are making this country look like a banana republic as far as its politics are concerned and when you get comments like that, and comments about people defecting to other parties, you have to think they're in serious trouble.

You know, Stephen Harper is actually doing the wise thing, holding off on an election. He doesn't want to seem greedy, or interested in bringing a government down for opportunistic reasons. But I have to think this nonsense in Ottawa won't last too much longer.

Oh, and they vote on same-sex marriage tomorrow in the Commons tomorrow. Notice no one cares about that issue anymore? All they care about is Gomery and corruption scandals.

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