Thursday, April 28, 2005


They're dropping like flies, these aging news anchors. Not just the guys, but the women, too. Stamina, my foot. Barbara Walters called it quits from 20/20 last year and now Judy Woodruff has announced that she, too, is leaving daily journalism and CNN.

Judy Woodruff, too? I didn't see this one coming, surely, she's not THAT old. Maybe there's something going on behind the scenes with Inside Politics that we don't know about. I don't think we all know the full story here.

Well, at least you have women lasting long enough in the business to be able to retire at an old age. In the old days they used to kick women off the air as soon as they hit their forties. Then again maybe this isn't progress after all, because Judy Woodruff isn't that old! Certainly not as old as Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and the gang.

Well, this really is the end of the era. Who's next, Bob Schieffer?

Wait--- Bob Schieffer just announced he's retiring too. He just got the anchor job, and now he's retiring. Might as well quit along with everyone else.

You think I'm kidding but I'm not. I actually read that Bob Schieffer plans to stick to his decision to retire when he hits 70 years old. So he'll be continuing as substitute anchor for the CBS Evening News, presumably until he retires. What a farce. I know people are giving his show rave reviews for his conversational style and for the correspondents not wearing neckties and stuff, but the CBS News ratings are in the toilet.

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J.A.G. said...

While I am certainly not a friend of FOX News, I must say that CNN has lost so much clout. Cooper Anderson is not living up to what I felt his show needed to be and daily bashing of immigrants from Lou Dobbs is making me sick.

I enjoy Judy because she, unlike the vast number of TV talkers, is a calming voice. She nevers tries to freak you out with her tone. She does not scream. It's like she is an educated professional. Thanks for posting this. It makes me very sad.