Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Earlier I called the latest edition of the Bachelor an improvement. Well, I guess that makes me a slime pig dog just like Charlie O'Connell the Cad Bachelor, because the women all hate him and his show.

Charlie's been going after the skanks and doing body shots off of girls in bars; meanwhile the women in the audience, all of whom were expecting the usual dreamboats and the fairy tale fantasy, are turning the show off in droves. For proof, check out this hilarious article in the New York Post. Actually, I'm not terribly surprised by the female reaction. This is a bachelor that guys can relate to, sort of, but unfortunately women can't relate to him at all. They all want their men to be suave pretty-boy types who like animals and good clothes and stuff.

And of course all the women viewers can't relate to the bachelorettes, especially the skank contestants that Charlie seems to prefer. They all hate Kimberly the swimsuit model from Edmonton who is attempting to be the biggest skank in the history of the show. I don't know whether this routine is for real or if it's an act, but Kimberly is going to emerge from this show with a layout in either Playboy or Maxim, for sure.

The male viewers, of course, gave up on this lame show a long time ago, and even I don't watch the show all that often. Which is why I find it rather bizarre that they seem to be gearing this Bachelor series to a male audience. Heck, they should have known this type of series they're serving up this season would offend all the women out there! I don't think the guys are watching, I think they all probably think this is the same old show with the same weepy women and the limos and the nightgowns.

I think guys would rather watch the WWE. Or cop shows, or any show starring my favorite woman of all time, Pam Anderson. You want a woman who is really popular with the guys, that's her. I think Kimberly on The Bachelor is secretly trying to copy Pam and do the Pam thing, but that's only my opinion.

The adorable Pam debuts in her new sitcom Stacked tonight on FOX. The show looks bad but Pam still looks good.

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