Thursday, April 14, 2005


Yesterday would have been the opening day for the Stanley Cup playoffs. Instead, a group of people are wasting their money on legal fees, trying to free the Stanley Cup from the clutches of the National Hockey League and hand the Cup to a bunch of amateurs.

I'm sorry, but I only want to see the Stanley Cup awarded to the champion of the National Hockey League. It shouldn't be awarded to a bunch of rank amateurs regardless of whether there's a lockout. I don't care what Lord Stanley said when he donated the Cup, it belongs to a World Champion, not some crummy amateur team from Whitby or somewhere! Keep in mind that when Lord Stanley donated the cup, that was back before professionalism took the game over. It was also before the game expanded to the U.S. So these clowns fighting this case are basically arguing to return this game to the Stone Age. Some will say that's an improvement over the current situation. It isn't. The only improvement is to get this game and this sport back to normal.

I don't think these people have a case, but still, if these judges are stupid enough this thing could get ugly, it could be like those court fights over the America's Cup. The bright side of all this is there's still a fight going on for the Stanley Cup, not on the ice but in court. Tonight in the the Stanley Cup playoffs: The People vs. the NHL, on the new Home of the National Hockey League: Court TV.

This is the last thing we need, Fred Graham covering the Stanley Cup. If they're not careful the Cup might wind up in the hands of Michael Jackson.

Anyway the Stanley Cup should be fought on the ice, not in the courts, and the NHL has ruined the sport by not holding the playoffs. Enough said.

And in a double-whammy for sports fans across Canada, tonight is the Montreal Expos home opener. In Washington D.C.!

I do hear that Youppi! has a new job, rumor is he's joining the Montreal Canadiens. That's assuming of course thaat they ever come back. I hear now that the league is starting to get cold feet about bringing in the replacement players. Who knows what they'll decide to do. And people are still wondering who will wind up with Sidney Crosby and people are saying the League hopes he winds up with the Rangers. What nonsense by these sports reporters and commentators.

But boy what an empty feeling right now for all hockey fans. I know people are going to tune in to the World Championships now but really, the World Championships always go on around this time anyway. It is no replacement for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Memorial Cup is not a replacement for the Stanley Cup. And having a bunch of crummy amateur teams play off against each other isn't a replacement either. As a Canadian sports fan my life is ruined. I'd trade places any day with the American sports fans who are all revved up about baseball, basketball and the Master's. I'd trade places with European fans who are going nuts over the Champion's League and holding riots in soccer stadiums over games.

Life for Canada's sports fans is miserable, and pretty empty.

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