Saturday, April 23, 2005


That's right, him, too. Read it here. I also saw that story leading the news on CityPulse last night and boy did I ever fall out of my chair laughing like a hyena.

It's getting almost comical, all this nonsense in Ottawa. Meanwhile local hack Jack Layton plans to meet with Ralph Goodale in an attempt to see if they could do a deal to save the government and move it to the left. The problem is that the NDP and Liberals together don't have enough seats. And the Liberals lost one member to the Conservatives (David Kilgour) and kicked the other member out of the caucus (Carolyn Parrish). I'm sure they're in a good mood, not, in fact I even read somewhere that Kilgour's definitely voting to bring the government down. And then you have Chuck Cadman, who usually hates the Liberals and all the corruption.

So I don't see how doing a deal with Layton will save the government here. But it might make the vote extremely close. Maybe it will make Layton look good going into an election, then he'll be able to say he tried to prevent it.

Man, what an issue: "I want you to vote for me because I tried to prevent an election!" So vote against democracy. Only in Canada, the only nation in the world that doesn't want to hold free elections. Might as well put the Junta in right now and be a banana republic if that's what people really think here.

I almost think Stephen Harper HAS to defeat the government now, or at least try to, or else it will be seen as a tactical win by the Liberals. If they fail they can still try again later and say their usual line of bull about how "we tried to make Parliament work" etc etc.

Meanwhile the list of potential candidates grows. JIM FLAHERTY is going to run federally in Whitby-Oshawa for the Conservatives, a good move for him and great news for the federal party. I am confident he will steamroll to victory in his seat. I have read another report, this one from the Globe, saying that Tony Clement is looking at winnable Parry Sound-Muskoka, and I even read that Garth Turner is looking at running for the nomination in Halton. In the last election Garth looked at running in Wellington-Halton Hills but decided not to go for the nomination, and the seat went to Tory Mike Chong. Halton, meanwhile, is represented by turncoast ex-Ontario PC-now-Liberal Gary Carr and ought to be a Conservative gain. You know, it's amazing the number of seats out there that ought to be Conservative seats but aren't. Parry Sound Muskoka, Whitby-Oshawa, Halton, Oakville, Oak Ridges-Markham, Ottawa West-Nepean- it defies common sense that these seats aren't held federally by the Harper gang.

And the latest rumor on Peter Kent is that he might run in St. Paul's. Man, I can't believe this, Peter Kent in St. Paul's, for the Tories of all people. If he runs there he'll get his head blown off. I don't care if his name's Peter Kent. He'll be back on television in no time. He should run in Don Valley West or Willowdale or somewhere winnable if he's serious about getting out of TV. St. Paul's is a lost cause, what a joke.

By the way, speaking of lost cause ridings, anyone know if anyone is running in Don Valley East? Dave Johnson again?!

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