Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Well, today Tony Blair called an election for May 5th in Great Britain and I surely plan to tune in to the election night coverage from the old U.K.

Meanwhile, election speculation continues here. Apparently the Liberals are cutting a deal on the Kyoto issue that was threatening to bring the government down, but the Liberals are now in deep trouble over the Gomery inquiry and all that stuff that I can't talk about because there's a publication ban on it. I read today that now the feds want to go after the bloggers and put bloggers in jail for violating publication bans. Can you believe this? And this is supposed to be a free country.

I don't know about this but this publication ban makes this country look like East Germany. Way to go, Canada. It's terrible that our country that acts like some police state when it comes to free speech. This is sad.

Anyway, Gilles Duceppe is hopping mad over what he's hearing and threatening no-confidence votes and I am convinced it'll happen at the opportune moment. I keep on reading that the opposition flip-flops about wanting an election but the truth is they're been consistent in their reluctance to pull the plug. They want to look like a responsible bunch of people, going out of their way to be co-operative with this filthy Liberal government in power. Stephen Harper and the gang have gone way out of their way, abstaining from budget votes and looking like complete wimps in the process. Conservative supporters hate it, but it's good strategy. It makes it look as if the Conservatives are all holding their noses, trying their best to make Parliament work. So if the Liberals say the Conservatives weren't trying to make Parliament work, they have no legs to stand on.

But the opposition is running out of reasons to keep it going, folks. And I predict that once they all find a really good reason to pull the plug, they'll do it. The Liberals are making it awfully hard for the opposition to keep on propping them up.

The end of this Parliament is coming, soon. Only a matter of when.

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