Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Well, the Liberals were arrogant as all heck this week. They got fancy and did some sneaky parliamentary manuever to get a bunch of opposition days cancelled for three weeks. Opposition days are those days set aside for the opposition parties to set the agenda and so on, such as to bring in non-confidence motions against the government. The Liberals decided to get all that delayed for three weeks and the opposition was furious, Stephen Harper was saying the Liberals were signing their own death warrant. Party whip Jay Hill was also mad, saying his party was through with helping prop up the Liberals or something to that effect.

But it seems this time the Liberals got out-witted. The opposition was able to salvage May 19th as an opposition day and on that day they can bring the government down and get an election called for June 27th, and you can bet your hat now that it will happen because the entire opposition bench is FURIOUS with the Liberals for what just happened. I even read that Jack Layton could be on board now, too. Layton was musing about propping the Liberals up a few days ago if they could get more money out of Ottawa for the cities or something like that. But these latest Liberal shenanigans and overall disrespect for the opposition parties have basically made that impossible. Besides, Layton can't prop the Liberals up anyway, the NDP don't have enough seats. The Tories and the Bloc together have a majority to put the government out of its misery.

Only issue is whether Stephen Harper's patience with this government will finally run out. Looks like it has, thank G. We're hearing increasing election talk. Now we're hear rumors that the Tories may lure Russ Courtnall and even Global TV anchor Peter Kent to run (!). I don't know who makes this stuff up, I read the Kent blurb on NealeNews.

I don't understand this behaviour by the Liberals, refusing to work with the opposition parties. They're acting like they're governing with a majority. Maybe they're trying to provoke the opposition into defeating them in the Commons and forcing an early election. Then Paul Martin could turn around and blame Harper for an unnecessary election and accuse them of all kinds of evil plans to destroy the country, or flip-flopping on all their old Alliance policies or you name it, Just like last time.

And all these opinion polls are saying that 85% of Canadians do not want an election. Probably because they all think everyone in politics is a crook. Typical Canadian thinking.

These geniuses in the Liberal Party seem a little too interested in making the opposition parties mad. I smell a rat, folks.

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