Tuesday, April 26, 2005


While Jack Layton continues his discussions with Paul Martin on ways to hose corporate Canada ( my opinion ), one of the Independents has spoken. Chuck Cadman says he will now vote to topple the Liberals. He had said he personally does not want an election but he's been flooded with e-mails and since he's an old Reformer, he's gonna listen to them and be accountable. He plans to vote in favor of the non-confidence motion and all I gotta say is, good for him.

Now this does not mean Cadman won't back the budget, he may in fact vote with the Liberals on that one. But it does make it almost impossible for the Liberals to survive a motion of no confidence. The Liberals need all their MPs, all 19 New Democrats and all three loose fish, just so they can force a tie vote which can be broken by the Liberal Speaker. Of those three, Cadman's gonna vote to topple the Liberals so the Liberals will have had it, even if they get both the other two. Carolyn Parrish is on record as supporting the government, while David Kilgour, who represents an Edmonton riding and who recently quit the Liberal party has not officially made his mind up yet. I guess he didn't join the Conservatives after all, I had read earlier that he did. Maybe he supports the Conservatives now but isn't part of the caucus. Anyway I find it hard to believe Kilgour will prop up the Liberals.

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