Tuesday, April 12, 2005


This is a big week for Donald Trump, lots of TV news. Last night was the Miss USA pageant on NBC and Miss North Carolina was the winner. And they had a special Miss USA Fear Factor.

And they announced the plans for the finale of the Apprentice. When the Apprentice 3 has its big finale soon, it will only be an hour. What a relief. No 3-hour abominations like that last one. But what a comedown for the Apprentice to only have a one-hour final show. Usually a Mark Burnett production like this one would warrant at least two hours with a reunion show, but I don't even think this is even going to be a reunion show! Maybe, too many of the people have hard feelings.

That tells you a lot about how far this show has fallen in the ratings in the United States. The show is routinely getting killed by CSI every Thursday night, and people on the forums of these TV websites are ridiculing the product placements on the show. But in Canada the show seems to be still doing very well on Thursdays on Global. Thursday is Global's biggest night with Joey, Survivor and the Apprentice. Actually, Survivor is still Mark Burnett's best show (especially now that we've seen the mediocre Contender). There's always something new happening on that series. For the first time one of the tribes got absolutely creamed in the challenges, pretty much totally wiped out. And the remaining last member of that tribe has to live alone, no merger yet, nothing. So that's pretty interesting.

But there's nothing interesting about the Apprentice as far as I'm concerned. It was great the first year and even the second year held my interest with Raj and Andy and the other characters. But they lost me this season, these people are boring as heck except for Chris, who's a total embarrassment and sort of a white male Omarosa (see below) . I know there are a few people out there who think this season is actually better than the last one because the people on this show have done incredibly stupid things. But I have to break ranks. That's been the reason why this season's been brutal, the candidates have been complete idiots. I have no sympathy for any of these clods.

As for Chris, the candidate with the loud mouth and the temper, well, he was arrested for disorderly conduct over the weekend! You can read about that on the above link as well. I gotta tell you, Chris should have been fired weeks ago, he's a lousy employee who yells too much. The only reason he's still around is because outside this show he's a big millionaire, a big self-made success in life. Yet on this show he's an absolute idiot. It makes no sense.

It's testament to the utter incompetence of the entire cast of the show that Chris is still around, because this show, this season, has been full of even bigger losers than him. Kristen and Danny and other people I've forgotten the names of (eg. that woman who quit). And this guy Chris reminds me of Bobby KNIGHT the basketball coach! He needs to calm down and take anger management courses.

Actually there's a lot of Apprentice news today. The original Apprentice Bill Rancic is staying on with the Trump Organization, he's agreed to extend his contract. That looks good for him. Then if he decides he wants to leave a year from now to do whatever, he'll still look like a big winner.

And I read the press release for Thursday's show and apparently there's a really big brouhaha in the boardroom and the firee ends up in tears, and apparently Trump is reduced to tears as well. I dunno, this could be the usual hype machine.

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