Thursday, March 31, 2005


You know, I read over my own Ted Koppel post, and the one on the Pope, and on all the legal happenings and you know, I'm really kidding myself if I say I really want to be in entertainment or politics or law or standup comedy, or something other than broadcast journalism. Who am I really kidding, here, anyway.

I mean, look at all the links I've got posted to all these TV news websites and to all these TV news personalities, that tells you all you need to know about where my heart is on this issue.

The truth is that I've been really frustrated with a lot of things about broadcast journalism in Canada these days, the cookie-cutter meatgrinder nature of it and a lot of the crummy stories. Watch the local news everywhere in Canada and it's all death and destruction, people getting shot and killed all the time, people getting arrested. Last night they were busy covering a big fire in Toronto. You get the idea. On the other hand, tune into the networks and cable channels and they're covering real stories, like the Pope or Michael Jackson, or the war in Iraq. But at the network level they cover a lot of crap too. Lots of boring medical stories and depressing social issue-type pieces.

I guess what it comes down to is that I feel that there are a lot of things killing my enjoyment of the business. I've had to cover a lot of crummy news stories, had more than my fair share of bad experiences at various places. But I also never really had the kind of moral support one might expect for this career path, from anyone, even as I racked up considerable on-air experience. So it's been very easy for me to get burned out on the business, and then I end up pursuing other fields out of frustration, even though what I really want to do is pursue broadcast journalism.

Well I think I'll try and give the broadcast news business one more chance, but on my own terms. But how do I do this? And where? I don't think there's much future for me in broadcast journalism in Canada, and I've got too much experience to be an editorial assistant. And I still don't have a decent news anchor tape. I have some serious thinking to do here.


Myrick said...

John, I've wanted to quit the journalism thing dozens of times - and actually have on a couple of occasions. But it is the keenest job in the world and I really can't see myself ever being satisfied doing anything else. The Canadian market is pretty sour, but o'seas has been ok for me (better pay, far far more interesting stories). I doubt there's much in TV broadcast, but if you can do wires, print or radio you'd probably find something quickly. If you're not too tied down give it some thought.

John Cairns said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

Believe it or not, Asia's up there among the places I might be interested in going to. I know there are supposed to be many well-paying financial news jobs there and that's something I should be able to do given the chance.