Thursday, March 31, 2005


It truly seems to be a changing of the guard in TV news. Now Ted Koppel has announced he will leave ABC News and Nightline in December of this year.

I must say Ted Koppel certainly is one of the giants of TV news and he will go out with all the accolades that he deserves from his great career in TV news. As for Nightline, it will go down as one of the great news shows of the late 20th century under his tenure, and when it's been on its game it has been a terrific news show.

Lately, though, I haven't been a fan of the show, it's been quite dull and pretentious. And now rumors are going to fly about the future of the show, again. I read somewhere that ABC News has been thinking of changing the show to make it younger and hipper- adding a jazz band and having two young anchors talk about the news over martinis and stuff. That's what I hear they're thinking of doing, and boy, that would be the destruction of Nightline in my estimation, what a disgrace that would be. I wouldn't watch a show like that, I'd rather see the program exit the schedule than do that.

Maybe they'll find a way to figure out what to do with Nightline before Ted Koppel leaves, and maybe come up with a revitalized hard-news show that isn't totally dumbed down for the masses. At least that would satisfy all the critics.

UPDATE: Now I hear rumors Koppel may go to CNN.

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