Wednesday, March 02, 2005


E! is doing a campaign to "save one show". As usual we are nearing the end of the TV season and as usual a lot of TV shows are facing possible dismissal from the schedules. Already dead is Star Trek: Enterprise and Tru Calling; several other shows are in serious peril. The shows that have died of old age like Everybody Loves Raymond and NYPD Blue aren't listed here, presumably because everyone knows they're gone anyway.

Lots of shows are facing cancellation: Charmed (it's still on?), Kevin Hill, Veronica Mars, Jack and Bobby, a number of them. Seems like most of the ones in the deepest trouble are on UPN or the WB. You can see the complete list on the link I gave you. Of course, a lot of the complete flops were tossed off the schedule earlier this year (LAX, Father of the Pride, My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss etc.) Most of the shows that could be cancelled are ones that nobody watches anyway so no one will miss them, but the Trekkies are fighting hard to reinstate Enterprise.

One of the more prominent shows in trouble is Arrested Development, that satire from Ron Howard, which had four shows cut from this season because of poor ratings. It's a show that wins lots of awards and the critics love it, but the viewers hate it, think the characters are a bunch of freaks. A lot of people think the show is in big trouble after the FOX network cut four episodes, but E! seems to think that on the strength of the show that it might actually survive and could be moved from Sunday to another night. We'll see. I'm inclined to think FOX will give the show one last chance to find an audience before they completely give up on the show, and I do think they may give the show a chance on another night.

Don't worry, the Simpsons are coming back, they'll be on forever. Same with CSI, and Law and Order...

In other news Good Day Live got cancelled. Happened a few days ago. Bye bye Arthel and Debbie, already.

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