Thursday, March 24, 2005


Well all of Canada is in an uproar today because they cancelled the NHL Draft. It was scheduled to take place in Ottawa after the season ended. And as you know the season has not only ended, it didn't even start. So there's no draft this year. And presumably no NHL Awards Show on CBC either, but I digress.

Everyone is going nuts because Sidney Crosby and the boys won't get drafted into the NHL on time; their NHL careers are gonna be delayed. "Sidney Crosby! Sidney Crosby!" they're all ranting and raving about.

Guys, calm down. Who the hell cares about Sidney Crosby. You silly people forget: THERE IS NO SEASON this year, and probably not even a normal season next year. THERE IS NO NHL FOR SIDNEY CROSBY TO GO TO. Besides, he has better things to do, the Quebec League playoffs are on and Rimouski is favored to win the league title. But people won't leave Crosby alone. People speculate he could sign with the highest bidder in the NHL now, but how can that happen? It can't. He can't go to any NHL teams at the moment, they're all de-iced. He'll need to think of packing up and going to Europe once the Memorial Cup playdowns are over. Or maybe he can do what Wayne Gretzky did and join the WHA. That's an option now, possibly. You can bet your hat that Sidney Crosby won't be joining the NHL Scab League; he's on record as saying no to that.

Why bother having an NHL draft when there's nowhere to play and no one to play for? The entire Canadian sports media is reacting as if we still have an NHL. In fact, it's kind of bizarre the way the media's been reacting lately. The NHL is shut down, yet people on the radio are now talking about potential prospects for the Leafs. People are talking about players the Leafs ought to trade for, except it's pretty hard to do trades when there's no season and no league. They're talking about people who might look good in a Leafs uniform yet the Leafs might never be back. Or they might be back as a scab replacement team. Yet the hockey media in Canada acts as if things are still normal. Like it's a long offseason or something.

Same with the coverage of the AHL and the Canadian Hockey League. Their big tag line is "see tomorrow's NHL stars today!" and they speculate on where these players would fit in with the NHL teams that drafted them. The problem is that the ONLY selling point these leagues have is that these chumps could end up in the National Hockey League one day. So what good is that, going around saying that your players will play in the NHL when it's so obvious these chumps DON'T have an NHL to go to.

Another problem is that the NHL guys who are supposed to be so great may not be so hot after all. The playoffs are on in Europe and apparently that team that was called the "New York Rangers of Russia", because they were supposed to be so loaded with talent, got eliminated the other day. So these beloved NHL players may actually be a bunch of bums after all and the fans who pay for NHL tickets are losing their money.

I think the Canadian sport media's acting this way and trying their best to keep interest in the NHL up because they're fed up covering NCAA basketball. The fans were all interested at the start of the tournament, but then Bucknell, and Vermont, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and these other no-name college basketball programs ruined it all by beating the favored teams. Now their brackets are all blown up, and their bets are all in the garbage and they've all lost their office pools already. So their interest in the NCAAs is finished; they've basically been eliminated from the tournament, too. Now they're back to harping on the NHL. That's what I call a bunch of bandwagon jumpers and gambling addicts. These guys should go back to watching NASCAR races or something good, and give up on hockey because hockey's a complete joke these days. Maybe they should check into gambling rehab facilities while they're at it. It's not good to bet on games, look what happened to Pete Rose.

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