Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The two sides in the NHL labour war held their own separate meetings the other day and here's a link to CTV News to tell you what went on.

The one thing I heard is that the NHL will DEFINITELY be open for business in October. That's the good news.

The bad news is they are going to bring in the replacements. They never came right out and said it, but, that's the deal. They're bringing in the scabs.

Wonderful eh? I'm really looking forward to this replacement hockey, not. All these bums and no-names, taking these NHL jerseys and suiting up. It's one thing if this were World War II going on and all these people were replacing guys going off to liberate Europe from the Germans. But these guys are replacing guys going off to play in Europe... and in Germany!

I read on Hockey Pundits that most of the Edmonton Road Runners plan to play as scabs in the Replacement National Hockey League next year, 18 of them in fact. It's bad enough that the NHL has been ruined, and replacement hockey will mean the NHL will STILL be ruined, but now, with replacement hockey the NHL is going to ruin the AHL, the CHL (both of them), the ECHL and the UHL. Of course, the Russian league, the Swedish Elite League and the rest will continue as per usual, the same hockey with the same top talent from the NHL taking spots away from lunchbucket-type people.

This is a fiasco waiting to happen. It's one thing to ruin one league: now the NHL is going to drag all the other leagues in the entire sport down with it. And they may even veto NHL participation in the Olympic Games if things drag out. That's when they have to make a decision on sending NHLers to the Olympics, this fall. So get ready for the Winter Olympics to get ruined, too.

As bad as things are right now, next year promises to be even worse, because the ENTIRE SPORT will be RUINED. You won't even be able to escape this mess if you tune in the AHL, or international hockey, or anywhere else! About the only people not affected will be the people who play women's hockey. You know, the people that Adrienne Clarkson wants to award the Stanley Cup to. At least WOMEN's hockey won't be ruined! These NHL guys can't sabotage them!

I hear some of these hockey fans say they'll tune in to replacement hockey. Well if hockey fans think replacement hockey is such a great thing, well, they're bigger suckers than I thought. These fans are fools, literally throwing their money away, if they think this is such a great idea. I hear that some of them think that by watching replacement hockey they can help break the union, but I don't know and I don't care. I'm going to vote with my feet and not show up.

If this replacement hockey comes to pass I'll stay away from this pathetic game and watch football this fall. I know, I know, why watch football when they had replacement players at one point in time? Well, I didn't watch football when they had replacement players, either, and they only had them for three weeks! So there!


UPDATE: Today Bob Goodenow met the agents.

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