Friday, March 18, 2005


Here's an article on the strange changes coming to a CHUM TV station near you.

Here's what's going to happen. The former Craig Media stations in Alberta and Manitoba, which went by the name of A-Channel, will all be changing their names this fall to Citytv- just like the two Chum stations in Toronto and Vancouver.

But here's the really confusing part: the six "new" stations CHUM owns- the New VR, New RO and the rest of them- are all going to switch over and will be known now as "A-Channel". Why, I haven't a clue. I thought A stood for Alberta, but I guess CHUM thinks it's just another letter of the alphabet. I guess they think that these stations aren't "new" anymore so why call them the "New PL" or whatever when it would be simply easier to refer to them as A-Channel.

I think this could have been prompted by CTV's decision to rename all their local station newscasts as "CTV News" and drop the call letters entirely. So CFTO isn't CFTO anymore, it's CTV now. I thought CFTO was the local station and it was on the CTV network. Looks like CTV has gobbled them up. Sort of like having a bunch of restaurants all called "Burger King" or something.

Of course, Global stations simply call themselves "Global" right across Canada these days, and there are three stations in Canada that call themselves "CH". This is confusing. This truly marks the death of call letters in Canada, on TV anyway. If you want call letters, tune into CFRB or something on the radio. Forget TV.

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Classic said...

_Radio has pretty much abandoned their call letters too; Jackfm, Edge, Mix, Fan###, Jazzfm, The Beat, etc.