Saturday, March 19, 2005


Here's a look at what happened on the floor of the convention re: the social issues debate and it sounded pretty civil, no major embarrassments or any of that.

Whew. What a relief. I've got to give the party members some credit here, they at least didn't embarrass the party. And they voted pretty much the way I would have voted. As for Scott Reid, well, he was embarrassing, but his goofy resolution to alter the delegate selection process was resoundingly defeated on the floor. Pretty much laughed right out of the room, in my estimation. And yes, there was a separate resolution that was going to affect leadership votes, and that too was deservedly defeated as well. In fact, on the first vote quite a few people were hurling catcalls at Reid for his stupid proposal; thanks to him, the party was made to look really bad in the press on Friday.

At least you can't say that people were muzzled. You gotta say it, this was a wide-open convention. And the Liberals are going to criticize it but what do you expect. One day they claim the delegates are muzzled by Harper, the next they say the party is divided. You can't win either way so why bother with what the Liberals say, they don't run an open political party anyway.

All in all I'm pretty happy with what's going on today. Stephen Harper had a really good speech totally eviscerating the Liberals last night, and I'd say the party's going to come out of this convention strong and united, having defined themselves on a lot of key issues. They look like a pretty solid mainstream bunch of people up there, a lot different from the yahoos who were at the mikes at the Reform conventions, I gotta admit. It's the Liberals who look like lunatics now, with their own convention delegates taking daft positions to legalize prostitution and marijuana etc. I'd say that even though the Conservatives have some obvious divisions, it's clear they all want to work together and the party looks pretty united to me.

So there, that's my balanced assessment, but don't expect the mainstream media to give this kind of account. They're just going to say this convention was a disaster and the party was divided. The media should just go home if they can find nothing good to say about what's happening in Montreal. Fair and balanced, my foot.

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