Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Here's a story about the show last night from E!Online.

It's looking pretty dire for the Bachelor franchise, quite simply, based on the ratings. You notice they moved their show to Monday nights, presumably to get away from CSI and from those Law and Order shows. But as you will see from the E! article, the ratings are going in the toilet; in fact, they're down for all reality TV. But the viewership is really down for this one. That E! article was saying that if ratings for this show don't improve that the Bachelor WILL be cancelled. They are committed to two more Bachelor seasons on ABC and then that could be it.

In fact, we may not have any more Bachelorette shows after this one last night. Last night's complete debacle may have finished this show off for good. The shark ate Jen Schefft up and digested her last night, if you know what I mean. This is the final straw that broke the camel's back and sent the camel to the grave.

The fans of this show, the few remaining, are furious. They were tuning in to see a winner, a marriage proposal and true love. But this show has hardly ever produced true love, most of its couples have split up. And it's obvious to me that the contestants were a bunch of fakers; many of these suitors for Jen were obvious wannabe actors. And I'm being extremely polite here. Even worse for the fans this year was the fact that this show ended with basically no winner, with Jen turning down everyone in the end and basically ruining the entire show. The fans got the reality-show equivalent of what we sports fans get on a routine basis these days: no championship. And I read the TV Without Pity forums and let me tell you, the fans are enraged. They feel betrayed and screwed around with. Their reaction is similar to that of some sports fans I know. Well, welcome to the club. And like many sports fans, a lot of the Bachelor fans are now swearing off this show.

It seemed to me that Jen was really unsure of herself and didn't want to screw herself by making the wrong decision. But why she had to dump Jerry on national TV, I don't know. Maybe it was written into the contract that she had to give her decision live on TV, or something. Maybe she didn't want to screw up the show by breaking up beforehand. I smell a rat, folks, I think Jen got a lot of grief from producers telling her what she had to do. After all, it was sweeps. But if that's what happened, then why didn't she stand up to these people? I don't know. I have no idea what the real story is. Something about last night's dumping of Jerry was fishy.

Anyway, this phony show exposed itself for being lousy at matchmaking and lousy at producing true love. But still, last night was great TV. It ranks right up there with Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire, or the night Geraldo Rivera went into Al Capone's vault and found absolutely nothing. It was a real train wreck, and like I say, it was the most reality we've ever seen from the whole reality TV genre, period. A real, unplanned train wreck, packed with witty one-liners from the ticked-off Jerry.

The really good news is that last night marks one more nail in the coffin of reality TV. Thank G. These crummy shows are being drummed off the air, and we're going to get some decent programming on TV. About time.

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