Sunday, March 13, 2005


I read this article while surfing around tonight. It's about these freelance journos who pack up and head over to Baghdad to cover the Big Story over there: the Iraq War, the beginnings of democracy over there and the continued insurgency. I call it Living La Vida Loco... loco in the cabesa, as we say in Spanish.

Even though the elections were a success there's still a long way to go and it's still a mess over there. The article talks about what it's like for these reporters, many of whom wouldn't have had a chance to report otherwise from that place. Me, I've thought about it. I've actually thought about it. Certainly it could make your career and it would beat doing crappy city council meetings, but the big reason why I don't want to go there is that I don't want to die! Besides, if I go there my family would kill me.

Also, Iraq sounds like an absolute dump with no girls, and I don't think they have McDonald's over there, either. Probably not even a KFC. I don't think they go for that North American cuisine. Another good reason to stay home.

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