Tuesday, March 29, 2005


As you know the Bachelor series is sinking fast, and I tuned in last night to see if this wretched series is making any major attempts to save itself.

Turns out it's making quite a few changes. For one thing, the new Bachelor Charlie O'Connell wants these women to ditch the expensive dresses and limos and all that nonsense, and concentrate on dating and getting to know the real them. Smart move.

The other thing is that Charlie is able to give roses to anyone at random if he wants to, so it's actually kind of a free-for-all. It's almost like the Playboy Mansion in there, with this version of the show. You had women doing body shots in bars, stuff like that.

You know what, as a guy I'm actually pleased with the changes. The "metrosexual" elements are gone (thank G) and we have what seems like real situations and fun stuff happening, none of this phony romantic-getaway type of nonsense. And I like the women they picked. They are all babes, not these boring middle-American aspiring soccer-mom types that they had on before. Now they're getting somewhere with this show. But I don't think a lot of women who tune in are going to like this. The audience for this show is largely made up of women longing for romance and this is a really different type of show. Maybe it's trying to go after a male audience, for a change. But I think it's too late, the males have passed judgement on this show and are tuning in to the WWE instead at that hour.

One thing has not changed. The women are still getting in catfights and tantrums with each other and are already acting like pathetic losers. One even walked off the show and then had the nerve to come back and ask for a rose again. What a total loser she is. I'm convinced half these women are wannabe actresses and that they're trying to get into catfights and stir up controversy, just to make a name for themselves on TV. Is this stuff staged?!

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