Monday, March 14, 2005


Found this hilarious angry website on the late Jetsgo airline:

Sounds like I wasn't the only one whose Jetsgo flights were late by several hours. Sounds like this was one really crummy airline with even crummier aircraft. CTV News did a good hatchet job story on Friday outlining all the equipment failures and near-misses from that airline. One time they lost an engine on the runway or something, and the next day they had to make an emergency landing in South Carolina. Maybe it's a good thing those incompetents at Jetsgo went bankrupt. If they kept on flying with their crumbling old planes, one of them could have crashed and lots of people could have been killed.

I remember that my flight that was supposed to fly back from Vancouver to Toronto got held up because of equipment problems or something that kept the scheduled plane from arriving in Vancouver. I think they had to ground one of their planes or something and they made some alternative arrangements to send some plane from St. John's or somewhere to pick us up instead, I think that's what happened. All I remember is that everyone was really upset that the flight was late, and several people got into big arguments with the Jetsgo people because they were going to miss their connecting flights. Man, that was a big mess. But that's what you get riding on a cheap airline. This is all true, what happened, and now that Jetsgo is officially bellyup I feel free to speak about it without fear of getting sued.

The Jetsgo logo was a goofy-looking green happy face, but that airline produced nothing but unhappiness, anger, confusion. They should never have adopted that green happy face as a logo. It was false advertising.

It's really sad for the passengers and for the employees. The employees are still trying to get their paycheques and the passengers really got hosed, losing all their cash on worthless airline tickets.

The Conservatives are bodyslamming the Liberals now because yet another airline collapsed under their watch, but it sure looks as if this was one airline that actually deserved to go... pardon the pun. Jetsgo was a crummy airline and after I flew with them I swore I'd never fly with them again. And, well, it looks like I'll be a man of my word.

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