Thursday, March 03, 2005


I was going to do a lengthy post about the fall of the Syrian-backed Lebanese government, and I was going to say how great this was and how peace was breaking out in the Middle East, and this proves that George W. Bush and Condi Rice and everyone are all big geniuses. Just like the rest of the conservative blogs out there.

So I go to CNN and find this article about Jay Leno instead. Leno is subpoenaed to appear in this circus Michael Jackson trial as a defense witness. And as usual my stupid blog falls into tabloid territory again. Like I say, I should simply give up on having a serious blog. I should just go Hollywood, and forget about competing with these other blogs that have something relevant to say.

So today I'll talk about star witness Jay Leno.

At this Jackson trial Leno's supposedly going to be asked about the alleged victim's mother and all kinds of questions related to her attempts to raise money to get cancer treatment for her son and so on. It's all an attempt by the defense to prove that this mother was trying to get money out of everyone in Hollywood, and they're arguing that the stories of child molestation at Neverland were all made up by these folks in order to embarrass Jacko and get paid off. So they think that calling Leno to the stand to talk about his own dealings with these people will bolster their case, because apparently Leno called the police about them.

So yeah, the prosecutor's case looks like it is on thin ice already, if this is what Tom Mesereau is up to. Then again, the prosecution also has plenty of dirt on Jackson, like that Martin Bashir documentary that they played the other day. I don't know about you but this case might very well end in the same way the Kobe Bryant case ended, with some sort of plea deal. I suspect that's what Mesereau is aiming for. As I learned years ago, the primary job of a criminal defense lawyer is to keep your client out of jail. If you've kept your client out of jail, you've been successful. Another thing I learned is that your best defense is to say "I didn't do it!", and we hear rumors that Jacko will take the stand in his own defense to say just that. But then he may end up admitting all kinds of other things on the stand which might end up putting him in jail anyway. So it's a risk.

Anyway, the main priority for Jay Leno is to be able to tell jokes about Jacko. The CNN story tells about how Leno wants a gag order clarified so that he can figure out whether he can still make jokes about the Jackson trial. It would be a shame if he were denied this golden opportunity to skewer Jacko and this whole media circus.

In other news, closing arguments are under way in the Robert Blake case. Stay tuned to the CAIRNS BLOG for further developments.

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