Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Martin Bashir of ABC News is on the stand being grilled by the prosecution. Apparently Bashir didn't want to be a part of this but the prosecution put him up there anyway. They are using Bashir's infamous documentary with Michael Jackson as evidence.

Jackson's attorneys are adamant their client did nothing wrong, and that the accuser's DNA wasn't found in Jackson's bedroom. They also claim the kids took the liquor for themselves, that they broke in to the liquor cabinet. A likely story, but we'll see.

For what it's worth, Geraldo thinks Jacko's innocent. He may be guilty of being a weirdo, but that's not what he's being tried for. So some think this could be a D.A.-gone-wild case.

Michael Jackson's attorney is Tom Mesereau. He was also the attorney for Robert Blake who got him out on bail, but he no longer represents that guy: too much of a headcase. By the way, the Blake case is nearly over and they should be getting a decision in that case soon, within days I think. Mesereau was also hired after Jackson's first attorney Mark Geragos was fired. Maybe firing Geragos was a good move by Jacko, because Geragos defended Scott Peterson to the death--- and that's exactly what he got, death. So we'll see.

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