Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Well, Pat O'Brien, host of The Insider, former longtime sportscaster and NBA host on CBS, and big supporter of Gubernator Arnold Schwarzenegger, has announced he has a drinking problem and has checked into a treatment center for alcohol addiction.

Well, at least he's doing something about it, unlike some of his baseball friends who refuse to do a darned thing about their have drug problems, which is even worse.

I also read in TVSpy and a couple of other places that someone close to O'Brien is planning to spill even more dirt on the guy in one of these supermarket newspaper rags and maybe get paid for it. Boy, wouldn't that be mean-spirited. Give this guy a break already, man, he's in rehab! He's trying to put his life back together and all people can do is trash him and try and make quick bucks off other people's misfortunes. Well, that's America for you right now. Land of free money.

PBS Antiques Roadshow host Lara Spencer will take over hosting the Insider while O'Brien cleans out.

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