Friday, March 25, 2005


Well, here's a story from the BBC suggesting that Jacques Villeneuve could quit the Sauber team and Formula 1 by the Imola race. Apparently he is really frustrated with his car and can't get enough mileage out of it.

The problem with Formula 1 is that if you have a bad, crummy car, there's not much the driver can do to improve the situation. If the car stinks the driver goes down with the ship. It's a simple as that. Now granted, Jacques Villeneuve did nothing in his last years at BAR when their cars improved. He was regularly beaten by his own teammate Jenson Button. But his situation at Sauber is just terrible. See, I told you Jacques was joining an absolute nothing team. If I were Jacques I'd give up and walk away from Formula 1. It isn't worth it to race in a losing car, especially in a sport where drivers routinely crash their vehicles and sometimes are even killed. Better for Jacques to simply retire.

And take a look at Michael Schumacher. Only a year ago he was the Greatest Ever, this year, his Ferrari car is so bad that they had to roll out a new car just the other day, just so he can still have a shot at a title. Rubens Barrichello is also having a lousy season. It's the car's fault, stupid. They're both hoping for better results once the new car is introduced at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and these are desperate measures by Ferrari who could be seeing their whole season go up in smoke as Renaults and Toyotas are unexpectedly tearing up the track.

Anyone want to buy a used Ferrari?

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