Saturday, March 05, 2005


Well, the F1 race from Australia has now started on TV, and Thank G, because I was going crazy with the usual no-Hockey-Night-in-Canada-to-watch again.

I am so glad to actually see the F1 season back on, so that my life as a sports fan in Canada can have some semblance of normalcy again.

It's been a lousy season for hockey fans generally, but this situation has hit everyone in Quebec especially hard. Think about it. There's no NHL, and now baseball is starting soon and there's going to be no Expos either. Fans in Montreal must be ready to slit their wrists. So they must be really pleased that the F1 season is on, for this reason: Jacques is Back.

Jacques Villeneuve is going to be riding for the Sauber team for the full year, a nice change from last year when he had no ride until late in the year when the season was basically over. Frankly, though, I don't see what's so great about Villeneuve driving for Sauber. I mean really, what has Sauber ever won? Even BAR has better cars, even though they are having a crummy race tonight. This is a big comedown for Jacques Villeneuve, former world's driving champion, and I expect this to be yet another long season for him. But at least he's driving an actual car, for a change. At least that's good news. The fans in Montreal will be happy to see him when he shows up for the Grand Prix.

Villeneuve actually got his fans' hopes up the other day by qualifying fourth for the Aussie GP. But I'm watching this race right now and poor Jacques is dropping like a rock, now down to 13th place. So there you go. My prediction for a bad season for Villeneuve is already coming true. But I'm surprised because Fisichella is first, and defending champion/god Michael Schumacher is way down the list. In fact, last time I checked Jacques Villeneuve was beating Michael Schumacher! Imagine that: the good news is you beat Michael Schumacher, but the bad news is you still finish 13th or wherever you finish. Anyway the race still has 25 laps to go. It's still a long way from being done.

Now the latest news is that Villeneuve is now 12th and Schumacher has passed him. Big whoop-de-do. You have to feel for the sports fans in Quebec. It's already been a long year and it's going to get even longer.

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