Tuesday, March 08, 2005


STILL no word on Robert Blake yet.

I read on Courttv.com about an interesting website aimed at all the journos in town covering the Michael Jackson Trial. The website is Eat MJ.com. It's a listing of restaurants in Santa Maria and in southern California for people covering the trial who want a bite to eat. But I don't know if they will be able to keep their food down after listening to today's testimony.

They have the brother of the accuser on the stand giving his eyewitness account of Jacko being disgusting. Actually, being more than disgusting. Being sick is more like it. I won't even give you a link to the revolting testimony from this case today, it's too much even for me. If you want to lose your lunch, go ahead and find it yourself. It's pretty incriminating stuff, and Jacko is getting BURIED. If this keeps on going for the next several days Jacko's career in music will be FINISHED, if not his CASE.

If I were Jacko's attorney today I'd be pretty worried about this testimony. I'd be starting to think about recommending he take a plea deal of some kind, just to end it now. Just make a deal with the prosecutors, and give the family of this victim a big settlement offer, and maybe Jacko might still have a career in music and stay out of the penitentiary.

I still say this case might end in a plea deal of some sort, though that could change. This trial is due to last six full months and drag everyone in Hollywood into the mud, but this case reminds me too much of the slimy, embarrassing Marv Albert trial. The D.A. had enough to convict Marv of a minor battery charge (I think it was battery) but they also knew they probably didn't have enough to completely throw the book at him on all the sex charges they had filed against him. But, still, the prosecutors did enough to scare the defense team out of their wits. The defense team had to have Marv take a plea, because the prosecution was calling witness after witness to the stand, and every one of them was giving all the gory details about Marv's weird, bizarre sex life. And they got the defense team worried that they were going to produce even more dirt about Marv that might ruin his career for all time. Defense attorney Roy Black basically had to put a stop to this trial just so he could end the parade of people who were embarrassing Marv Albert and making him the butt of jokes from standup comedians all over America.

You'd think the same thing is happening to Jacko right now. But the question I have is whether Jacko has any kind of embarrassment threshold. That's what might stop a plea deal from happening: Jacko seems immune to embarrassment. Or maybe he doesn't want to part with any portion of his money in a settlement. In any event, the prosecution is making Jacko look like a complete sicko today.

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