Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The jury has requested a readback of testimony that goes to the question of whether Blake tried to hire a hit; that would possibly tip the scales on one of the charges against Blake. One thing they want to look at is the testimony is Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton and you can see for yourself what this testimony was all about- it was about whether Blake wanted to hire a hit.

Could this jury have decided Blake's not guilty of murder but might be guilty on the two counts of solicitation for murder? That's what these jurors are zeroing in on in my judgement, the two solicitation counts. Looks to me like the prosecution case to nail Blake for the murder charge could be crumbling fast if this is what's happening. Maybe it already has crumbled. It's been eight days of agony and that tells me one thing, they've really struggled to come up with a murder conviction.

From a prosecution standpoint this situation looks rather worrisome: Blake could end up getting off on every charge. If I were the D.A. I'd be thinking of offering a plea deal right now, and if I were the defense team I would consider taking it, if the deal is a good one, because I think this jury could be about to nail Blake on these two lesser charges. See, I've been watching way too much Law and Order. I should quit watching so much TV.

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