Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Well, the good news for NBC is that Law and Order: Trial By Jury helped the network win Friday night, so it looks like that show will stay on the schedule for a while.

But the bad news is that The Contender bombed on Monday. CBS put on a bunch of new shows and a fresh CSI Miami, and pounded Sly Stallone and crew right into third place with a 5 rating. In fact, it wasn't even the top show on NBC that night: Fear Factor got more viewers. The Contender even got beat by Supernanny on ABC! Now that is what I call embarrassing. Mark Burnett has a flop on his hands, folks.

Overall FOX won the night with American Idol. CBS finished second.

They should put me in the programming department over there at NBC, I can smell a hit, and a flop, when I see it.

UPDATE- Apparently in this article I pulled up, this Contender show will air Sundays at 8 now. When is this thing on, Wednesday or Sunday? If this is on Sundays at 8 it's FINISHED, because it'll get creamed by Bart Simpson.

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