Wednesday, March 09, 2005


They have asked to read back some of the testimony. The details here, lifted from Court TV's Blake Jury Blog. Courtesy Court TV:

The jury has just requested a readback of Steve Restivo's testimony. Restivo is a co-owner of Vitello's, the restaurant where Blake and Bakley dined the night of the shooting. Restivo is also an actor who, incidentally, played "Count Vitello" in "The Princess Diaries." The readback will take place after lunch at 1:30 p.m. PT. In addition to Restivo's testimony, the jury also requested to rehear testimony from witnesses Andrew Percival and Rebecca Markham, restaurant patrons who happened to be outside having a smoke when Blake was supposed to have been running back to the restaurant. —Bryan Lavietes

So the readback would be happening now, as I speak.

This indicates to me that the jury is hung up over the issue of where Blake was when his wife Bonny Lee Bakley was killed: his excuse was that he went back into the restaurant. The jury wants to sort out what really happened here and try and make sense of the testimony, and once they do that they can maybe make a decision on whether Blake's guilty or not.

In the big Jackson trial, the defense team got that brother of the accuser to admit he told two different versions of his story. So Jacko's happier today. That Jacko trial continues, and in fact I read somewhere that it's pretty easy to get a seat for that thing- the Blake trial is a bigger draw because people want to be in there to see the verdict. Then again, maybe more people will show up to gawk once they haul Jay Leno and other people up there on the stand in Santa Maria.

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