Thursday, February 10, 2005


As promised I refused to live-blog the Apprentice tonight, but to sum up what happened, both teams ended up looking like complete fools. This is definitely not the Apprentice 1 or Apprentice 2. Every one of these candidates, all of them, are total idiots- even the geniuses. They ALL should be fired!

Tonight, to sum it all up, both teams embarrassed and humiliated themselves on national television, and embarrassed the Trump organization, by blowing Donny Deutsch's straightforward advertising task: to come up with a body lotion ad. Team Genius went sexual to the point of revolting the audience, while over at Team Chaos, they came up with an incredibly stupid ad featuring a guy rubbing Dove all over himself while jogging. It was ridiculous.

I was at home watching in disbelief while these lame-o ad ideas were being tossed around and I was going: are you guys FOOLS?! Middle America won't go for this stuff! Can't you come up with a decent ad that will convince people to buy a product? When Team Genius was floating its sexy ad idea I was really steamed, I was saying "this idea sucks!". The people at home will be revolted! The Donald will be revolted!

Man, even I could have done a better job on this task. All the people at home watching could have done better! These are supposed to be the best and brightest candidates out there for a job in the Trump organization out of a million applicants, and they all went right off the rails. Every single one of them.

So to sum up, Donny Deutsch was forced to tell Trump that both teams did an equally inept job, so the Donald came up with his rule change: no winner declared, no reward to anyone, and he hauled everyone in the boardroom. Some rule change this was. All the hype about this show was pretty overblown.

Predictably, Kristen, the project manager for Team Chaos, was fired. As usual, Trump zeroed in on the leader of a team in chaos. So for the fourth predictable week in a row the project manager gets hosed for being stuck with a team of dysfunctional losers. You know, that's why I'm fed up with the show. Every week it's the same thing: the inmates do in the leader of the asylum and Trump gets rid of the leader when what he really should be doing is get rid of the inmates. The inmates know that it doesn't matter what they do, they can goof off and the leader will still take the blame and be the easy target.

The sad thing is that Kristen, who never should have been invited to be on this show to begin with, actually tried to do a decent job. It was her team that didn't step up to the plate. She did manage to get the commercial done, she wasn't directly to blame for the messes that happened, and it wasn't her idea that was the basis for the ad. And the people over on the other team did a monumentally bad job; team leader Erin approved their lousy ad and it was Bren who came up with their repulsive idea. And their whole production was in total chaos. Who came up with their ridiculous idea to dress in chef's costumes for their presentation in the boardroom? What an embarrassing decision that was.

Anyway, Kristen worked hard, was part of two winning teams and did probably a better job than half the people doing this task. It didn't matter. She was the project manager and an easy target. What a message to send out: work hard, be the leader, and be fired. I didn't like Kristen anyway, though, so good riddance.

And good riddance to this show. It's been four weeks now of stupidity on the Apprentice 3 and I've almost had it, I'm about ready to fire this show. I'm at the point where I really don't care who wins. These candidates are all losers. They should all be fired!

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