Thursday, February 17, 2005


This show SUCKS.

I am no longer blogging this show, in fact I may cancel the entire season. Just like those other guys.

Team Geek lost again to Team Streetkids on a marketing challenge: start your own mobile business with $5000 of VISA credit card money. So yet again it's another challenge where what you learned on the streets is absolutely essential to victory, where having book brains means absolutely nothing. It's start a business from scratch and do something any dope could do, and let's see who makes the most money. And basically it was all luck. Team Geek barely got beat and another college-educated loser saw his education go up in smoke as he lost his job.

Team Geek is getting KILLED. As I say, their talents are being WASTED. People with their talents usually should be working as management consultants or trading derivatives on Wall Street, or working in law firms or some other type of fancy gig. They should be giving consulting or investment or legal advice to the people running the small businesses and the fast food joints, and should be charging a fortune. Instead, Trump is having them actually run the small businesses, fast-food joints and roach motels, and they are getting KILLED.

In fact these people didn't make much money on their lame tasks today. Each team made just under 1000 bucks! Think about it. Team Geek would have been better off spending the day working as management consultants, lawyers and traders. If they had done that, and if Team Streetkid were stuck out there running their silly businesses, Team Geek would be KILLING them week after week. They would have SLAUGHTERED them on billables and consulting fees alone! But are you going to see a task on this show where the contestants are forced to market themselves and work as consultants, or invest on Wall Street, or flip properties instead of burgers? Something where the Geeks have a real shot at beating the Streetkids? No!

Team Geek is getting screwed, and if I were on Team Geek I'd threaten to quit. This is an outrage.

The legal people are in a really bad spot. Half these Book Smart contestants remaining are lawyers, and lawyers have a terrible reputation for being uncreative. Law firms usually beat the creativity right out of them. And lawyers are generally terrible at marketing: it's generally looked down upon for lawyers to advertise and market themselves. If you do that, you're considered a big sleazeball and a slimebucket.

So here are all these outstanding members of their legal profession who aren't slimebucket ambulance chasers, all being thrown into situations every week where they have to be good at being creative and at marketing themselves, skills that have basically been beaten out of them. They are DYING. And the skills they do bring to the table, such as their leadership skills, their ability to persuade and negotiate and make sound decisions based on the best possible precendents: it's counting for nothing. The only place where those skills count is in the boardroom itself, where you can argue and make a persuasive case for yourself. But it's not counting out in the streets, and it's on the streets where the damage to Team Geek is being done. By the time they get to the boardroom, one of them is guaranteed to be fired because of what happened on the street task. What a ridiculous setup. If I were in a company with a setup like that I'd be pretty upset.

The geeks are getting killed and Bren is right, there needs to be a shakeup of the teams. I'm thinking that's going to happen pretty soon anyway, probably next week. Hopefully this will level the playing field. Maybe the geeks will manage to turn it around. Maybe their skills will serve them well in the boardroom and they can out-argue the street-smart people. Maybe they'll show some real leadership skills and that will help the Geeks from here on in, and the high school stooges will end up getting fired. But so far it is not working for the Geeks and they HAVE GOTTEN HOSED.

I forgot to mention: MICHAEL was MICHAEL again and he was FIRED for it. Basically Trump insulted him and belittled him in the boardroom, and I couldn't really care anymore.

There's an article over on MSNBC about why this year's APPRENTICE show doesn't work and why the concept of Book Smarts versus Street Smarts is so awful. I should try and find it. I'll write about it tomorrow; in fact I'll write a big Reality TV blog tomorrow and talk about The Contender coming up. There was a tragedy on that show this week: one of the contestants died. Big, big tragedy and a really sad story. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

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