Tuesday, February 08, 2005


This is from NBC's press release:

From Brian's "self-firing" to Verna's emotional decision to quit, it's been an unorthodox and exciting start to the third season of NBC's "The Apprentice." This Thursday, the unfathomable happens during the task, causing Donald Trump to alter the rules of the competition (Feb. 10, 9-10pm ET). The resulting boardroom mayhem leaves everyone reeling.

The unfathomable? This is yet another advertising task where Donny Deutsch gets to pick the winner. (Yes, him again. Why not give HIM a spinoff show?) From what I read, one team goes "sexual" while the other one goes "athletic". Two things I think may happen:

(1) The exempt winning project manager from the previous week either does nothing again (pulls a Michael) or ends up taking on responsibility only to blow the entire task for the team, forcing Trump to get rid of the exemption for everyone;

(2) Maybe both teams blow it, or go over-budget, or do something offensive or even illegal, and Trump is forced to come up with a rule to deal with that situation. There's a ton of speculation out there on the Television Without Pity forums that something like this happened.

In short, it looks like we could have yet another big situation on our hands on the Apprentice, another idiots-blowing-themselves-up total debacle.

Here's something to think about: maybe there's a situation where the team is in total chaos, and someone maybe decides to quit as project manager or wants to quit, wants to take this job and shove it, but can't do it because (s)he'll be fired or something. Or maybe someone who doesn't want to be project manager gets stuck with the task, knowing their team is in trouble. Really, the project managers have been let down by their teams week in and week out. I wouldn't be shocked if a project manager cried foul at some point. Or maybe someone from Net Worth gets transferred to Magna, to even the teams up, and gets hosed by the decision, so Trump has to make up a new rule to deal with that. Another thing that's possible is they could break up the Book Smart and Street Smart teams right away. I actually expect that to happen at some point but I'd be surprised to see it happen this early. All we know for sure is that there will be "mayhem" in the boardroom.

As for the blog, my boycott stands. This show is full of idiots this season, and it sounds like it's still full of idiots. But I will watch the show and report on what happened. This sounds too incredible to miss. Should be a wild show.

Holy cow! I just thought of something. Maybe someone on the WINNING team does an incredibly stupid, terrible job, the worst job of anyone. Maybe it's Michael again, doing something incredibly stupid! So maybe Trump decides to alter the rules in order to fire anyone, any time. And maybe he calls everyone on both teams into the boardroom to make the announcement. That would fit the bill. We'll see.

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