Sunday, February 06, 2005


Here's a look at what to expect with today's Super Bowl in Jacksonville in terms of ads, half-time entertainment (Sir Paul McCartney) and the rest of it. It's hilarious that everyone is still fixated over that "wardrobe malfunction" incident last year. It's almost as if the half-time show completely overshadowed the game. By the way, New England did win that game 32-29 over the Carolina Panthers, so it was a good game, and it's still pretty remarkable for that half-time event to still be remembered in infamy and disgrace today. That's all that game is remembered for: being upstaged by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. It was like the "Heidi game" when they interrupted the end of a game to show "Heidi".

My Super Bowl prediction: I don't think there will be a wardrobe malfunction this year. And that's the only prediction I am making.

By the way, the NFL Network is going to run the Super Bowl ads from the game on FOX later tonight (10 Eastern I believe) so you can tune in at that time to see all the ads that were blacked out fro the Super Bowl/Global TV broadcast. I HATE IT when Global substitutes its stupid Canadian ads over the American ones that everyone in the USA gets to see. The commercials are a part of the game and Canadians are being deprived of the Super Bowl experience when Global substitutes its own broadcast over top of the Fox network, and forces all of us to see the Canadian commercials whether we want them or not. Easy way around it in southern Ontario is to tune into Fox 29 Buffalo or, if you live in eastern Ontario, Fox 31 Rochester- and there's no way the CRTC or Global TV can substitute their signals over top of THEM. I'm DEFINITELY watching the Super Bowl via rabbit ears. It's the only way to go.

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