Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Bob McKenzie seems to think so- he thinks this NHL season's DOOMED.

He points out the NHL is proposing a 42.5 mil hard cap, versus a more flexible 49 mil soft cap- which could end up in the range of 53 mil. And he's convinced this is it, this is as far as it goes for the NHL, no more negotiations. Done.

When you compare the final NHL proposal to all the other proposals they've put out there, when you think about it they really haven't moved very far off their cap proposals from day one. They've moved up by, what, a couple million? About the only major thing that's changed is they've moved off of linkage.

I hate to admit it but I think Bob McKenzie is on to something. Unless the NHL is bluffing again, this situation is GRIM.

The drop-dead press conference is still scheduled for 1 PM as we speak.

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