Sunday, February 27, 2005


It's early but it looks like The Aviator is going to clean up tonight. Million Dollar Baby lost its Adapted Screenplay bid so I think it's sunk, already, even though they gave the supporting actor award to Morgan Freeman. The Aviator has won something like three or four awards, I've lost count, but they're starting to win big.

Chris Rock rocks. They had a segment where he went into a movie theatre to interview people on the movies they saw, and well, none of them went to The Aviator or Million Dollar Baby, but they all went to White Chicks. Yeah, they all saw that one. Ebert and Roeper had that one on their Ten Worst list.

And oh yeah, in some of the less-hyped categories they've given out hardware to The Incredibles and Spider-Man 2. My kind of movies.

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