Thursday, February 17, 2005


You know, this NHL season is over. At least, I assume that it is over because that is what we've been told by Gary Bettman. This season is supposed to be dead and buried right now. But people are saying strange things.

Yesterday, Darren Pang says on ESPNews that some players were working to try and get talks back on, basically implying that they were trying to get the season un-cancelled.

Then later, Bob McCown goes on the FAN to say that according to a "highly-placed source" a group of players have gotten together to try and get something going on their own. And then Ted Saskin went on the radio to completely deny this and said this was all rubbish, that the union completely hated the NHL's last offer bla bla bla.

Now, the weirdness continues.

The latest is a report out of Detroit today that Brendan Shanahan has refused to do an interview with WXYT Radio because it might "jeopardize talks that are going on right now."

Is Brendan Shanahan the "highly-placed source" McCown is referring to? Or maybe Brendan Shanahan knows who the highly-placed source? What are these talks all about? Is this labour related or does this have to do solely with Shanahan?

This is all complete conjecture on my part. The heck is going on here? All I will say is: surely to God this silliness isn't back on?!

These guys can't even put the fans out of their misery without messing it up!!!

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